Our Story

It all starts with a seed...

Our products are formulated from the ground up. No "white-labeling". No short cuts.

Clean & Lean

Skincare that's clean, free of pesticides, parabens and phthalates are important in creating bio-stimulating skincare products but that's only the start.

We believe in the "Lean Philosophy" of only using ingredients absolutely necessary to achieve the desired effect. No added fragrance. No unnecessary ingredients. Pure, simple and effective.

Science Backed Formulas

Science doesn't lie. We believe in using science backed ingredients that have been proven to do what it says it will.

In a crowded industry, efficacy matters now more than ever.

It's all in the Name

Giving back is in our DNA. We wouldn't be Ghardian if we didn't give back with purpose...on purpose.

We affectionately call our customers "Ghardian Angels" because a portion of every single purchase goes to support children suffering from chronic skin disease.



Brian Park

My journey into skincare first started with unending adult acne. I spent countless years on commercial products and in concocting homemade remedies with little success.

This took me on a search to better understand the human skin and the science of facial skincare. In doing so, I realized what I was missing was a clean aseptic skincare routine with high ingredient-integrity; a regimen that's more bio-stimulating and less bio-invasive.

I discovered the spectacular qualities of CBD and the restorative and regenerative powers it can offer the human skin and in conjunction with our "Superstar Ingredients", Ghardian Skincare was born. My hope is to transform your daily skincare regimen with the wonders of CBD.

Being a father of two young children, I can't imagine building a company without giving back. My personal pledge to you is to use the proceeds from Ghardian to support children who suffer from chronic skin disorders.

I hope you'll join us on our journey to bring you modern-day CBD skincare and help our much needed children along the way.

- Brian