Hey Superstar!

A whole cast of superstar ingredients formulated and working in harmony to transform your skincare

Broad Spectrum CBD

The Rolls Royce in antioxidant and anti-inflammatory care. Contains all known 21 amino acids, fatty acids Omega 3 & 6 and more concentrated antioxidants than Vitamin A, C & E. It's your best defender against cell damaging daily pollutants and toxins.

Rooibos Extract

A South African "red bush" plant packed with unique free-radical fighting natural minerals such as Vitamin C, Zinc, Potassium and Copper. Known to be a highly effective anti-inflammatory agent coveted around the world for skincare.

Silk Protein Peptide

100% natural silk protein derived from the cocoon of the silk worm. Closely resembles the properties of the human skin and is easily absorbed. Has the unusual ability of holding onto and releasing moisture depending on temperature and humidity leaving the skin feeling silky smooth all day long.

Next-Generation Hyaluronic Acid

With it's smaller molecular size than traditional HA, our Next-Gen HA can penetrate deeper underneath the skin where it properly hydrates and "fills" the cells giving the appearance of reduced wrinkles and improved lift.

Blue Green Algae

Organic blue green algae from Klamath Falls in Oregon. It is the purest, most nutrient intact algae available in the world. Wild harvested single celled organism which occurs in the remote area of the Oregon Cascade Mountains. It is highly bio-available and contains a full spectrum of minerals, chlorophyll, B Vitamins, Beta-Carotene, Pro Vitamin A, Lipids, enzymes, essential amino acids, nucleic acids, DHA and EPA fatty acids.

Matrixyl 3000

A scientific community proven ingredient, it helps to reverse chronological aging by inducing cellular rebuild and activation of the cutaneous repair process. In short, it promotes smoothing and improves tone and elasticity at the cellular level!

Zinc PCA

Zinc PCA (non-zinc oxide) is the undisputed heavy weight champ of collagen builders. Scientifically proven to aid in collagen synthesis by protecting the skin's collagen matrix from the damaging effects of the sun and stimulating collagen production.

CoQ10 Enzyme

Naturally produced by the body, you lose CoQ10 production as you age causing dull, shallow and wrinkled skin. This enzyme is critical in energizing your skin cells and keeping it looking young and toned. The Japanese beauty industry has coveted CoQ10 has a hero ingredient to maintain young and healthy skin.

Rice Bran

The nutrient dense outer layer of brown rice is known to even out skin tone, help with clogged pores and help whiten the appearance of skin. A highly embraced ingredient in K-Beauty for generations.